On January 10, 2019, the second meeting of the Scientific Council of the journal Eunomia – Sustainable Development took place. The meeting was attended by the Chairwoman of the board, dr hab. inż. arch. Ewa Stachura, and members – dr hab. inż. Bogdan Wysogląd, Katarzyna Rybińska, editor-in-chief mgr Piotr Mucha and secretary of the editorial office, Dr. Henryk Kretek.

The first busines of the meeting unanimously selected new members of the Scientific Council being  Dr. Jolanta Gabzdyl and Dr. arch. John Dee.

This was followed by discussion about procedural matters concerning issues relating to the second issue of the journal in printed and electronic versions to be released in the first quarter of 2019. The scientific editor  is Dr. Henryk Kretek.

The next item of the meeting agenda was the change of the ISSN number due to a change of the magazine’s title and obtaining an ISSN number for the electronic version. It was decided to submit two applications for ISSN numbers to the National Center for ISSN.

The registration of the journal Eunomia – Sustainable Development  in the international database ICI Word of Journals (Index Copernicus) has been planned.

During the meeting, the plan of issuing the third issue of the journal Eunomia – Sustainable Development was also discussed. Deadlines for submitting application forms with abstracts in Polish and English . Submission of articles, returns of text following the review process and submission of final corrected text to the journal Editor were established.

Finally, thanks to those involved in the development of the journal Eunomia – Sustainable Development .


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